Championship Week Buzzer-Beaters, Ranked by Celebration

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Issue 164: Championship Week Buzzer-Beaters, Ranked By Celebration

As I detailed in the last email, this week is really when the March Madness picture comes together.

Since Saturday, every single conference has either already crowned a champion, or will play their championship game before Selection Sunday.

So, naturally, this week is called Championship Week. And my goodness, has it been a spectacular one.

By my count, we’ve had no fewer than six buzzer-beaters that won a game, and we’ve still got three days of action to go.

Remember, in many conferences, the only team that makes the NCAA Tournament is the one who wins its conference tournament. So, much like at a fancy steakhouse, there are plenty of stakes on the line.

Here are my favorite buzzer-beaters from this week, ranked by celebration. If the tweets or videos don’t load, you can watch ’em by clicking on the matchup name.

6. Montana State over Northern Colorado

When I was in college, I spent a lot of time playing a video game called College Hoops 2K7. College basketball video games have never been super popular, and admittedly, there’s plenty wrong with this game.

Players inexplicably miss a LOT of layups, they bounce off of each other like pinballs, and sometimes you’re trying to pass to someone next to you and instead throw it entirely across the court, where the ball helplessly bounces out of bounds.

But it was still a blast to play. When you first start its main “Legacy” mode, you have to choose a team from a small conference that is…how do you say…not very good.

Then you build them up into greatness. Northern Colorado was that team for me, so I will always have a soft spot for them.

Anyway, the announcer in this clip is clearly a Montana State fan, and he sounds downright bored when Northern Colorado takes the lead in the final seconds. I’m surprised you don’t hear him yawn at some point.

It’s more like March Meh-ness, so it’s last on this list.

5. Stanford over Arizona State

Why is college basketball so exciting? Because you could be down by 14 points with three minutes left and still end up winning the game.

That’s what Stanford and its wacky tree mascot did, scoring 16 of the final 17 points to defeat Arizona State.

The final play is a mess and the celebration is fine. It has the energy of a bunch of bodyguards hurriedly ushering someone out of a courtroom. But still, quite the impressive comeback.

Also, I queued up this video at the actual game-winner, but the very first play of the clip is fantastic, too. I wish I could dunk like that.

4. Miami over Boston College

I’d just like to point out how impressive the pass on this game-winner is. The WHEREWITHAL to look up and see your teammate running to the basket, then perfectly drop the ball into his hands from 40 feet away? Amazing.

The ESPN announcers seemed more excited by this miss in regulation than the actual game-winner in overtime.

But I don’t care. I went to Miami and I’m happy for my Canes. Look at Sebastian the Ibis jumping up and down with the team! Miami wins the game!

Also, how could you not like the pure happiness of Charlie Moore?!

3. Coppin State over Howard

Coming into this contest, Coppin State had lost more than 75% of its games.

That didn’t matter one bit, though, as they knocked in a jumper to advance in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

I’m a fan of this celebration because Nendah Tarke a) knows it’s going in as soon as he releases it, and b) tries to look tough, as many players do after a game-winning shot.

But his teammates are having none of it, and he gets tackled to the ground. It’s very reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite gifs.

2. Virginia Tech over Clemson

Virginia Tech is one of those bubble teams that’s right on the cusp of making the tournament. So really, every win helps.

When they’re down by two, Darius Maddox gives a casual “I got this” and makes the three-pointer.

I like this celebration for one big reason: Clemson’s PJ Hall (#24 in orange) happens to be in the corner where the celebration is taking place. In all the pandemonium, he almost gets run over by three different people. And he’s just trying to leave the court.

It reminds me of navigating to the bathroom from the other side of a busy restaurant. You have to roll over tables, dodge servers, and leap over at least one puddle.

1. Chattanooga over Furman

Furman hasn’t made the NCAA Tournament since 1980. Chattanooga has only made it thrice this century. The winner makes the NCAA Tournament. The loser does not.


I’m especially pleased with this game-winner because it comes right after another potential game-winner.

But of course, the real best play happens around the 30-second mark of this video.

Yes, David Jean-Baptiste made a phenomenal shot. Josh Ayeni (he’s #21 in white) makes an even more spectacular play jumping into the pile. Also, there are a bunch of half-naked people celebrating out there.

I hope you find as much joy today, because that looks like a ton of fun.