Impressive Streaks in NBA History

During the Golden State Warriors’ championship-clinching Game 6 victory, they scored 21 points in a row.

That’s a lot of points, and it definitely changed the tide of the game. Boston had jumped out to an early lead, but after the Warriors’ run, the Celtics couldn’t recover.

Golden State’s streak was certainly impressive. But it wasn’t nearly as incredible as some of these wild NBA streaks.

Carmelo Anthony scored 26 points in a row in one game

In a typical NBA game, one player shares the floor with four teammates. That’s a total of five players per team, for the math whizzes in the room.

Sometimes, that one player doesn’t need teammates. During a game on December 10, 2008, Carmelo Anthony scored 26 straight points for the Denver Nuggets.

He made free throws. He hit three-pointers. He sunk jump shots. I guess those are really the only ways you can score, but I’m still in awe of this accomplishment.

The Nuggets only made one other field goal the entire third quarter that didn’t come from Anthony’s hands. You might call him a ball hog, I call him a ball…uh…putter in the basket. He finished with 45 points.

Wilt Chamberlain scored at least 50 points in seven straight games

Wilt Chamberlain may be most known for scoring 100 points in a game and sleeping with at least ten times as many women (throughout his life, not in one game).

What might be even more outlandish is that he also holds the record for the most consecutive 50-point games.

During one stretch, he scored 50-plus in seven straight games. At another point in his career, he also had six games in a row with 50 or more. And just for good measure, he reached 50 points in five straight games on two separate occasions.

All told, Chamberlain posted 50+ in a game 118 times during his career. To put that in perspective, Michael Jordan, among the greatest scorers ever, did it 31 times.

A.C. Green played in 1,192 games in a row

Think about the last time you took a sick day or vacation time for work. I bet it was within the last decade and a half, wasn’t it?

Well, you’re not as diligent at doing your job as A.C. Green was. He played 1,192 games in a row (an NBA record) without missing a single game. That’s 14 years!

This behavior started early. Green never missed a class in elementary school, laying the foundation for his Ironman career. He kept that streak going despite having his two front teeth knocked out during a game.

Throughout his entire time in the NBA, Green remained a virgin bachelor, sometimes having to resist his teammates trying to tempt him with women.

He also has singultus or chronic hiccups, yet that never stopped him. Amazing.

The Houston Rockets missed 27 straight three-pointers in a game

With six minutes and 14 seconds remaining in the second quarter of Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, James Harden missed a three-pointer.

At the time, it seemed trivial. After all, the Houston Rockets had a 12-point lead over the Warriors, and what’s one miss in the grand scheme of things?

Little did we know, that shot kicked off a stretch of 27 straight missed three-pointers. The Rockets still hadn’t made another three by the time the clock ticked under seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Would you like to watch all of these misses? You can do it in three minutes!

One of the comments from the video says: “The Rockets hit 36.2% of their 3’s in the 2017-18 season. The chances of a team with that 3P% missing 27 in a row is 1 in 186141.”

I don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds bonkers, so here we are.

The Rockets won 7 straight games immediately after losing 15 games in a row

I’m not trying to pick on the Rockets; they’ve just been a part of some wacky streaks.

This past season, they started 1-1. They then lost 15 games in a row, which is pretty bad. But then they followed that up with seven straight wins. That’s pretty good.

As it turns out, they’re the first team to ever pull off such a feat. It’s probably because few teams lose 15 games in a row in the first place.

Unfortunately, the good times did not continue. The Rockets lost many more games, throwing another double-digit losing streak in there (that one reached 12 games).

But hey, now the Rockets have a top pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft. And that’s something…right?

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