Issue 134: Small Business Revolution with Baron Davis and Amanda Brinkman

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When I was in high school, my friend and I used to play the game NBA Live 04 ALL THE TIME. It was the perfect blend of realism and a hint of arcade-y-ness, which made things a blast to play without seeming like too much of a chore—I’d prefer not to have to recite a short poem while balancing on one foot simply to get a shot off, thank you very much.

My go-to team in that game was the New Orleans Hornets. They were led by Baron Davis, who was both a phenomenal shooter and could slash to the rim like it wasn’t no thang. That’s a delightful combo.

And how’s this for a fun full-circle moment—I just interviewed Baron for my podcast, Good People, Cool Things.

I don’t typically like to use this space to promote my own stuff…except for the book I wrote, which you can buy here or by clicking that big ol’ button a few paragraphs down the page.

But this was super cool, so I want to share it with you.

Baron and Amanda Brinkman cohost the new season of Small Business Revolution, an Emmy-nominated show that has traveled all across the United States to work with small business owners.

The show features business, marketing, operational, technical, and sometimes financial guidance to take companies to new heights. In Season 6 (available on Hulu and, the show is headed to six Black-owned small businesses in neighborhoods around Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

The duo shares a sneak peek of the upcoming season, why the show is so good at building community, and they’re dropping all kinds of advice for growing a business. I hope you’ve got your notepad ready.

Most related to this newsletter, though, is Baron’s story about his former teammate, Elden Campbell. He can barely get through it without laughing hysterically, and it is an absolute joy.

Check out the episode here — it’s less than 15 minutes! That’s like one-quarter of a Squid Game.