Issue 141: Precious Achiuwa Versus a Bag of Milk

Think about the last time you came across something new—how did you approach it? Did you hop in with all kinds of excitement or were you tentative?

This question popped into my mind thanks to a video shared by Open Gym, presented by Bell.

Precious Achiuwa of the Toronto Raptors encountered something very Canadian (and thus, foreign to him, since he did not grow up in Canada).

And in his case, the answer is…kind of both?

Achiuwa gets into a battle against bagged milk, which is popular in Canada and other non-U.S. countries.

There’s actaully quite an interesting history here—the company DuPont first introduced milk bladders as an alternative to milk cartons, which were already a cheaper substitute for costly, breakable milk glasses delivered by milkmen.

Achiuwa likens these milk bladders to both “rocket science” and opening a loaf of bread. He’s not really incorrect on either front.

After he’s had his mind sufficiently blown, Achiuwa drops some knowledge of his own: how to eat an Oreo with a fork.

I’ve been told this is actually not a new trick, but it’s new to me, so I hope it’s just as eye-opening to you. Hop to 2:15 in the video if you’re Oreo-crazed.

Either way, check out Achiuwa’s experience below or right here. And let me know your favorite way to eat Oreos. My preferred method is a full bag at a time.

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