NBA Players Watching Other Sporting Events is Wildly Entertaining

Astute observers may realize the NBA season is currently not going on.

That means players have a lot of downtime during the offseason to do new things. While guys such as Jaylen Brown are doing insane training regimens, others are embracing the time off by enjoying some non-basketball games.

Let’s see who’s having the most fun.

Klay Thompson Enjoying a Beverage

Klay Thompson’s brother Trayce is on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Meanwhile, no one in my extended family is a professional athlete.

Over the weekend, the Dodgers broadcast caught Klay sipping on a beer. Well, it wasn’t so much a sip as a chug. And the announcers loved it.

If you’d prefer to watch this action while sitting directly in front of Klay, he shared a POV of the moment, too.

Later, Trayce knocked a double into the outfield and Klay celebrated like I do when the host at a restaurant says my table is ready.

Steve Nash Weeps After a Tottenham Win

When he’s not coaching the Brooklyn Nets or starring in hilarious VitaminWater commercials, Steve Nash is a major soccer fan.

He co-owns two clubs, RCD Mallorca and the Vancouver Whitecaps. But his true pride and joy is Tottenham Hotspur. His dad grew up in the area, and the fandom runs deep.

SO deep, in fact, that Nash cried tears of joy while watching Tottenham advance to Champions League Final in 2019. It’s a v cute scene.

Yao Ming Running on a Track

Yao Ming running around a track next to shorter women.

This is more participatory than simply sitting back and watching, but this photo is too amazing to not share.

During his playing days, Hall of Famer Yao Ming — who stands a whopping 7’6″ — was out on a track, getting a run in.

He happened to pass by a group of women who are generously at least two feet shorter than him.

The juxtaposition is magical.

I’m not sure if this is a Photoshopped picture. though I’m hoping for legitimacy here. Just in case, here are several pictures of Yao standing next to others.