Rick Mahorn Annoying Patrick Ewing is So Entertaining

We’ve all got a friend that’s a little bit annoying. Perhaps they do the “you’ve got something on your shirt” move and then boop your nose. Maybe they talk with a fake British accent. They may have to make airplane noises whenever you switch locations.

It’s possible I’M that friend to you. I wear it with a badge of honor, if so.

I’ve written about Rick Mahorn here before, including his propensity for pranks. I’m pleased to share those pranks continue on the basketball court.

This video is from a Knicks and Pistons game on December 18, 1996. It was the NBA’s 50th anniversary season, so we got some sick throwbacks like the Fort Wayne Pistons.

More impressively, we get Rick Mahorn pulling the chair on Patrick Ewing three separate times. If you’re unfamiliar, the pulling the chair move involves pushing your weight against your opponent, then sliding out of the way when they try to lean back and make a move.

Time it correctly, and your opponent tumbles to the ground in hilarious fashion.

What makes this even more wonderful is that Ewing and Mahorn have a long history. When Ewing was at Georgetown, he used to play pickup ball with Mahorn. Look at what he said way back in 1989—seven years before this game:

“He knows all the tricks. He can push you out, then pull the chair and make you fall flat on your butt. Until this day, when I play Rick Mahorn, I know it’s going to be a war.”

Ewing KNEW THIS WAS COMING and was still powerless against it. Amazing.

If the video’s not showing up below, you can watch it here. What a delight. And here’s more Mahorn chair-pulling magic, this time against Chicago’s Luc Longley.