GIFs, Song Lyrics, and Catching T-Shirts, Oh My! Celebrating 200 Issues of Crisp Bounce Pass

There’s a relic of network television shows that doesn’t necessarily make sense in today’s world of streaming and on-demand viewing: the clip show.

Essentially, it was a way for shows to share some of their most popular clips before the Internet took off. Sure, sometimes there’s a loose storyline around the clips — two characters talking about when they first fell in love, or even just a blatant “wow, 100 episodes!” like Seinfeld did.

But largely, it’s an episode of highlights.

If you ask die-hard fans of a show to name their least favorite episode, you’d probably get a handful of people naming the clip show (or shows, depending on how long the show has run) in their bottom tier.

Even as people rumble through shows like a runaway cart on a football field, I think clip shows can be kind of fun.

I don’t remember everything I’ve seen in a show, and it’s nice to revisit some of my favorite clips and moments.

And on shows like The Simpsons, they enhance the clip show episode with trivia or make me hungry by diving into a land of chocolate (which NEEDS to exist).

In any case, we’ve hit 200 issues of Crisp Bounce Pass. A pretty cool milestone!

While many basketball writers dive into things like game recaps, trades, and arguments over the best players of all time, I’ve always tried to use this newsletter to offer a look at the lighter side of basketball.

Whenever you joined the journey, I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Now let’s get nostalgic with some of my favorite past issues.

The NBA’s Most GIF-able Moments

This remains one of my most popular issues, and I think it’s because GIFs are awesome. We use them in so many situations, and there seems to be a perfect pairing for just about any occasion.

It doesn’t even matter how you pronounce it. Anyone can get into the GIF game.

Whether it’s Michael Beasley mistakenly rubbing his teammate’s knee instead of his own or the Toronto Raptors mascot flailing while on roller skates, the NBA has provided plenty of entertainment, neatly distributed in GIF form.

A Personal Story About Incredible Failure

Watching a basketball game is one thing. Attending one in person is another.

Perhaps the best part—aside from halftime entertainment gone wrong—is when T-shirts are thrown into the crowd, and you’re actually close enough to catch one.

My friend Sean once had this experience at an Austin Toros basketball game. It went…poorly.

Great Basketball References in Hip-Hop

The combo of basketball and hip-hop has been going strong for nearly half a century.

But what are some of the finest bball namedrops and obscure references you’ll find in song lyrics from hip-hop artists?

Well, you’ll just have to click the link above to find out. We call that a teaser!

Corny Local Commercials Starring NBA Players

One perk of being an NBA player (or any pro athlete, really) is that you can use your brand to sell products and services.

In some cases, that means partnering with a company on a strategic level. You’ll offer input into their product, maybe meet with potential investors, and generally have a hand in how the business does.

In other instances, the company has clearly just paid you money to be in a commercial. This issue celebrates those moments.

Bringing Basketball Plays Into Daily Life

Aside from the entertainment value, I want to give you the opportunity to implement basketball in your everyday life.

From crossovers to hesitation dribbles, you don’t need a court to employ some of basketball’s finest moves.

Now get out there and make someone’s day.

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