Have You Fallen Down Yet Today? Dramatic NBA Flops

This issue will either make you laugh or make you angry. Maybe both?

Since the turn of the century, flopping has become more prevalent in the NBA. Players realized, “Hey, I can fool an official into calling a foul by falling over in juuust the right way,” and so they made that a part of their skillset.

And wow, do these officials ever fall for flopping. With so many offenses, it’s hard to keep track of everything.

Thankfully, a YouTuber named CoshReport has compiled some of the finest NBA flops, with each one increasing in dramatic intensity.

Let’s take a look at a few highlights.

  • 0:33: Joel Embiid and Daniel Theis—two large players—flop at once, and both seem to get hurt.
  • 1:00: Corey Brewer gets lightly tapped and catapults himself into the basket.
  • 2:15: Announcer Jeff Van Gundy has HAD ENOUGH. This one actually made me laugh out loud at how ridiculous it is.
  • 3:02: The Hornets announcers chastise the team for fouling yet another three-point shooter, then see the replay and realize the error of their ways.
  • 4:23: Thomas Bryant gets pushed at his team’s own three-point line and flies to halfcourt, then rolls almost all the way to the other team’s three-point line.

Perhaps one of the video’s top comments sums up this whole epidemic nicely: “It’s really annoying in a game but really entertaining to watch all at once.”

Hope your NBA flops—and your every day ones—are magical this weekend.