Issue 131: NBA Players Dress Up for Halloween, Too

Another Halloween has come and gone. I hope you’re not in too much of a candy coma.

I may have downed one or two (bags of) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers (and every other candy in the world) and was very moderate (read: excessive) in my chocolate consumption this year.

I even got to go out in a hastily made costume—it sure helps having a referee uniform at the ready. At some point over the years, I lost the actual referee whistle I owned, so I just said someone stole it when anyone asked.

But if I DID have my whistle, you better believe I wouldn’t have called a foul on any of these NBA Halloween costumes.

LeBron James Goes Freddy Krueger

LeBron James has always been a fan of the spooky season, so you know he takes his costumes seriously. And I’d be a little scared if I passed by him on the street. Freddy Krueger is already a frightening dude, but if he were 6’8” and about 250 pounds? HOLY MOLY.

LeBron James as Freddy Krueger

Russell Westbrook As a Creepy Doll

When you own one of the most menacing scowls in the league, you have to take advantage of it. Here, Russell Westbrook not only goes all out with a Chucky outfit, but he also incorporates the Bride, too. Perhaps my favorite part of all is you could totally picture Russ wearing this outfit on the regular. His fashion game is among the league’s finest.

Russell Westbrook as Chucky

Damian Lillard is Yabba-Dabba-Doolightful

As we’ll see below, Damian Lillard thought he and his family of five were taking a different route. Instead, he’s going back to the stone ages. And it’s real freakin’ cute. I wish I could get my dogs to dress up as well as these kids do.

Pascal Siakam Goes Back in Time

When Superbad came out back in 2007, guys everywhere quoted it ALL THE TIME. Sure, I never heard one of my favorite lines—“One name? Who are you, Seal?”—but people were spitting out Jonah Hill-isms and Michael Cera-seras like they were going out of style. Those days are well behind us, but I’m happy to see Pascal Siakam still embracing the late 2000s with this McLovin costume.

Robin Lopez Wins the Day

Leave it to a Lopez brother to dress up with something fantastic. We already know about Robin and Brook’s Disney obsession, and that seems to extend to DC Comics, too. Lopez is good as a looming Batman, but his partner Christine Vargas as The Penguin is SO GOOD. I like this very much.

Robin Lopez and his wife as Batman and the Joker

Tyrese Haliburton Steals Christmas

Ty Haliburton is still a relative newbie in the league, but he’s already making a splash with his style. Any costume that involves face paint is impressive in my book. I was once cast in a Dawn of the Dead parody during high school and had face paint applied for, like, a 12-minute filming session. That alone was horrible—I can’t even imagine doing it all night.

The Pelicans Dodge Balls

Gotta love a team bonding together. The Pelicans took on the Average Joes lewk from the 2004 film Dodgeball: The Movie. I recently re-watched this movie—it’s still pretty enjoyable! And who among us hasn’t quoted Christine Taylor and thrown up in our mouths a little bit?

The Portland Trail Blazers Talk Halloween

As a bonus, here are the Portland Trail Blazers chatting about all things, including Halloween movies and costumes—Damian Lillard claims his family will do Power Rangers, but clearly that didn’t happen—and debating the worst candy. Norman Powell makes some very valid points about candy corn, but it’s still quite horrible. Hopefully, you didn’t see any kernels this Halloween!