Issue 30: Happy Halloween! Treat Yourself to the Best Trick Plays in Basketball

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Issue 30: Happy Halloween! Treat Yourself to the Best Trick Plays in Basketball

Halloween is upon us! Trick-or-treating won’t be the same as usual because, you know, we’re living in a pandemic and having a barrage of people coming to your door is not necessarily safe.

HOWEVER, we shouldn’t forego all types of treats this year! You can still check out some of the spookiest movies and books while chomping down on your favorite candy (which should be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or else your favorite choice is incorrect).

Another way to give yourself some treats? With this video of the finest trick plays in basketball. I’ll let you enjoy for yourself, but here are a few of my favorite moments, in chronological order of when they appear in the video.

  • Portland’s Andre Miller pretending to call a timeout on two separate occasions, only to drive to the basket and score when everyone else is heading to the bench.
  • Louisville’s Briahanna Jackson scoring a layup because her team (and thus, the other team) got set up on the other side of the court to start the second half. You can literally see her LOLing as she scores an uncontested layup.
  • The Clippers’ Caron Butler high-fiving a player as the clock winds down at the end of the game, using the opportunity to steal the ball. The Clippers were down 27 with less than ten seconds left, which makes this a particularly impressive level of trolling.
  • Multiple “barking like a dog” plays. Always a classic.
  • The last play of this video, where the Falcons (perhaps named after the NFL team?) briefly play football instead of basketball, and it works to perfection.

That’s all ’til next time. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!


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