Issue 36: Who Wore It Best? NBA Draft Edition

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I often use this newsletter as a way to do some deep dives into topics related to basketball. It could be looking at a cool player, or maybe exploring the logo evolution of one of the league’s most storied franchises. I’ve even looked at the original rules of basketball and navigated the ins and outs of the NBA Draft.

I hope you’ve found it informative — at the very least, you uttered something like, “huh, I never knew that before. That’s cool!”

Other times? I just want to look at the best outfits from the NBA Draft. Even in a virtual setting, the players still made sure they popped. Let’s see who wore it best!

Tyrese Haliburton

I need you to click into this tweet so you can truly appreciate everything Haliburton’s got going on here.

This is the most floral-y print of all floral prints. If you poured some water on Haliburton’s suit, he’d have another 40 flowers bloom. But let’s take a closer look.

Is that a pair of dice on each shoe? It sure is. Does his bow-tie and necklace combo look suspiciously like a Houston Rockets logo? It sure does.

On the inside of Haliburton’s suit, he’s got two good messages. The right side reads “920 to the league”, which represents Haliburton’s hometown of Oshkosh, WI. The left side reads “Black Lives Matter,” a reminder that there’s still plenty of work to do with social justice and systemic reform.

Haliburton reportedly told the top 10 teams to pass on him so he could play with the Sacramento Kings. The Kings ended up selecting the Iowa State product with the 12th pick, so he got his wish! And, because the internet is thirsty, Haliburton wasn’t the only star — his girlfriend Jade Jones also had quite the warm reception.

Precious Achiuwa

As The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz points out, Achiuwa’s last name sounds like a sneeze. He also has a brother that played basketball named God’sgift, as well as two other brothers, God’swill and Promise, and two sisters, Grace and Peace.

If we’re going on names alone, Achiuwa is the big winner here. But he also rocks a suit pretty nicely.

The dude is 6’9″ (6’9″ and a half if we’re getting technical) and let’s be real — finding a suit that fits is tough enough, regardless of your height. But for a man of that size? I think he’s done quite well, and the sockless look with brown shoes is a solid touch.

Aaron Nesmith

Most NBA players have some sort of deal with fashion or suit companies to wear their threads. Sometimes they’re excessively customized to be EXTRA FLASHY, but I kind of like the subdued yet classy look from Nesmith here.

He even says in this post that his suit is sponsored, but look who it’s sponsored by: Indochino. If you’re not familiar with the company, Indochino lets you buy a suit online. You take your measurements at home, pick a design you want, make some customizations, and you can rock a quality suit for as little as $300.

Outside of podcasts, I’ve never heard someone mention Indochino. But I’m a big podcast fan and I hear plenty of ads for the suit company. In fact, I even once used a promo code from a podcast to buy an Indochino suit.

Logically, I can only deduce that Aaron Nesmith loves him some podcast discounts, too. And that makes him a cool cat with a nice checkered suit. As a bonus, it kind of already has the Celtics green going through it. Way to COORDINATE, Aaron.

Cole Anthony

I kinda feel like Anthony looks a bit like a magician in this suit. Perhaps it’s only fitting, then, that he was selected by the Orlando Magic with the 15th pick.

But for real, can’t you see him inviting you to pick a card and then making a flashy show of things before completely blowing your mind?

In any case, he was the only draft prospect to party with Spike Lee, and that also counts for style points.

How did he get Lee to come his way? It must be MAGIC.

LaMelo Ball

You know what? Let’s skip him. I don’t want to give this family any more attention. Also they had a party with like 250 people when we’re trying to not spread a global virus. And that’s not a big baller move at all.

That’s all ’til next time. Thanks for reading!


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