The Best 10 Minutes Of Your Day: NBA Fans Making Halfcourt Shots

This week has been brutal. It seems every time we read or hear about any kind of news story, it’s something horrific.

Russia started a war on Ukraine. Texas Governor Greg Abbott thinks trans kids are a form of child abuse. Kanye West is gaslighting about 38 people a week. People over 100 can’t play with LEGO sets anymore.

It’s enough to make anyone shake their head and just want to go walk into the ocean, where hopefully kinder life exists (though really, it’s just mean jellyfish and one of those creepy crawly octopus relatives you see on Animal Planet shows).

Instead of abandoning all hope, though, I want to share a video I recently saw that made me smile a lot.

It’s a montage of fans making halfcourt shots to win money or cars. Sure, we’re promoting a very capitalist view of things here, but look at how happy everyone is during all of these moments! Let’s get more of that in the world!

Halfcourt Shots are Magic

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, I recommend these three short clips:

  • 2:00: While the Mission Impossible theme song plays in the background, a guy named Patrick in a Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors jersey makes his shot. He then gets swarmed by the Warriors’ hype crew. The Warriors bench loves it, particularly head coach Steve Kerr.
  • 4:17: A Miami Heat fan sinks a halfcourt hook shot and is immediately tackled by LEBRON JAMES. LeBron is the happiest man in the whole building.
  • 8:30: In back-to-back moments, a guy wins a car mere moments after getting engaged—and the courtside emcee leaps into his arms in celebration—and a man makes a shot by hoisting the ball over his head as if he were doing a throw-in during a soccer match. Amazing.

I hope your weekend is filled with as much happiness as hitting halfcourt shots. And then celebrating appropriately. Keep being kind out there.

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