Old NBA Logos Are So Cute

If you’ve ever been to a basketball game, seen one on TV, or even attended high school or college, you’re familiar with the concept of a logo.

Or, you know, maybe you’ve seen any advertisement ever and learned about what logos were that way.

The point is, a logo helps build brand awareness. I see that angry lookin’ bull and I know we’re talking about the Chicago Bulls. A frightful pelican? Yes, that is the New Orleans Pelicans, thankfully realizing a mascot rebrand was the right move.

Sadly, though, today’s logos are all about being tough. There’s a ferocity in the wolves, grizzlies, and other animals. Even certain objects like a rocket or laker have more of an edge to them.

Things weren’t always this way, though. NBA logos used to be cute. Let’s explore.

Old NBA Logos: Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks 1968-1993 Logo

Check out this proud Milwaukee Buck!

Donning a sharp green sweater, it’s spinning a ball on its hoof WITH ITS EYES CLOSED. That’s a level of dexterity I certainly do not possess.

Bonus points for the buck’s incredibly pointy feet, and for appearing to be floating above the W. Those thighs must be so strong.

Old NBA Logos: Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Zephyrs Logo

Before they were the Detroit Pistons, they were the Fort Wayne Zollverein Pistons.

That explains the Zorro “Z” on the chest, but there’s so much more to appreciate here.

This entire outfit looks as if my high school science teacher told me to make a robot and all I had around the house was tin cans. Then I threw a basketball in there because I like the sport.

The mischievous face makes me smile every time I see it, and the classic Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers are a nice touch.

Old NBA Logos: Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets axe man logo

The Denver Nuggets have always had cool logos, but this one brings me the most joy.

Look at how happy this fella is! He gets to see a basketball game all the time.

He’s dressed in super American colors, sporting what could very well be a beach ball and umbrella but is more likely a pickaxe and a basketball.

His shoes quite literally were sewn together, possibly minutes before he put them on. I’ve been looking at this photo for five minutes and I can’t tell if he’s in a tank top/jersey, hoodie, or some sort of romper.

That’s the kind of mystery we need more of in the league. Get to it, NBA!